Marius Bobin

As far as experience goes, I like to keep my boat afloat with various challenging tasks, designing the architecture for enterprise applications such as content and customer relationship management systems, online recruitment systems, online learning platforms or AI accelerator platforms on top of Kubernetes.

Some other ones worth mentioning are developing internal libraries and tools to support code reuse and faster development time when creating new applications and designing and implementing applications’ database architecture using meta-programming to reduce coding time and push the limits of ActiveRecord and PostgreSQL’s JSONb data type.

I support my team by speeding up applications build time by leveraging Docker’s layer caching, load time and improving tests running time and also assist with configuration, and maintenance of applications dependencies and databases.

I’m most comfortable in the Ruby land and trying my luck with Elixir and Go, but you’ll find me thrilled when the situation allows replacing all of them with a BASH one liner. Now I’m interested in simplifing the deployment process for Rails(running migrations is the thing that keeps comming back), monitoring and performance optimizations.

Likes: ruby, rails, finally seeing something obvious for the first time, sql, daydreaming, elixir, long walks, linux, coming home, phoenix, nosql, crystal, mp3s, mkvs, postgres, snow, sidekiq, OSS, git, nomad, winter, kafka, ePUBs, GitLab, hacker news, ssh, running, kubernetes, flashes of insight, elasticsearch, GitHub, rsync, the inexplicable, bash, docker, post-adrenaline euphoria, nginx, hanami, swimming, passenger, terraform, faktory, xkcd, prometheus, tinkering, Gitlab CI, tmux, alacritty, sinatra, bikes, redis, commitstrip, grafana, dry-rb, air, alpine, mina, ops, screwdrivers, Pi, ansible.

Dislikes: heat, loud noises, admin, js, big crowds, legalese, salary negotiations.

Terrified by: public speaking.

Programming books that I recommend:

You will definitely find me with a couple of opened browser tabs on my laptop or mobile phone about what’s happening in the programming world, ranging from blog posts, tutorials, podcasts to conference videos. I wish I had the time to go though all of them.


these were free ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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